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Whow! Quite a bit has happened in the past months. We moved to a new office, hired some incredibly talented people, did some amazing work and had lots of fun! Stay tuned for the launch of our brand new website! Until then, here is a little review of what has happened so far…

  • Lower Saxonian gray

    Galloping towards Niedersachsen

    We have some serious work going on at yoocon. Here is what we can already reveal: the topic is innovation. The "Bundesland" Niedersachsen is planning on reinforcing their image as an innova­tive region. Together with the PR veteran FischerAppelt, yoocon is developing an online cam­paign in 8 acts. The original Hanoverian horses are of course also part of the party. Work is galloping, and the deadline is coming closer. We'll keep you posted.

  • Wayne Gonsalves

    Welcome Wayne

    We are more than happy to welcome Wayne in the team, our new "Wingman" on the design and creation front. It took a while to find a passionate soul who shares our sometimes too extreme love for details. Among the numerous applications, Wayne had the right portion of passion and coolness. However, our francophone from the Saint Lawrence River doesn't play ice hockey ... we'll get over it! Welcome aboard!

  • Screenshot from our christmas special game

    Merry Christmas

    We are incredibly thankful for so many great projects and the success we had in 2012 that we decided to give something back… finally! ;) Based on the latest HTML5 technology, we produced a wonderful and fun to play special Christmas game, in which our clients get to throw snowballs at us! For each hit we would donate a pair of warm socks to "Berliner Notunterkunft" – a social environment in Berlin that supports homeless people, for which we are very proud of. In case you are wondering… yes, we do shoot back!

  • Sandra Morel, project manager at yoocon

    Bienvenue Sandra

    We are very happy to welcome Sandra to our team! Sandra is not only our new project manager; coming from France she's equipped with a very charming French accent. She is also a very kind hearted and passionate person who fits in perfectly with our team. Since Sandra became part of the team, the office playlists have strongly been influenced by the one and only Serge Gainsbourg - Thank you for that and welcome, good soul of yoocon!

  • Wall color

    Pimping Düsseldorf

    Sure we function best if we have a well-arranged environment. Our office space in Düsseldorf was in great condition, no question. However it lacked a certain sense of "the perfect charming office". That's why we decided to give the Düsseldorf office a nice makeover with magnetic walls, new screens for everyone and ergonomic chairs. After the "Relaunch" we are very happy to now have two very charming places that are exactly the way we love it.

  • Dan Pearlman logo

    Hello Dan

    Every once in a while a new client approaches us and we immediately feel a certain bias (positively speaking) toward them. This is definitively the case with Dan Pearlman which is also worth mentioning: Not only does the overall spirit match very well, but the deep drive to create something really outstanding no matter what, led to out of this world brainstormings as well as a great project and partnership in general. This is the start of something very interesting. Stay tuned!

  • Detail from a Tabula Rasa menu card

    Tabula Rasa

    Let the battle begin! Tabula Rasa is a "dinner battle" between… well, actually two Julias. One is Greek and one is green. One is "veggie" and one "meaty". But both battle for who makes the best dinner. The judges are different people from different cultures. The show is sponsored by world-class dish producer Villeroy&Boch. We are the proud hosts and well… benefit from some pretty pretty damn tasty food. Congrats to you for your great ideas, the show must go on!

  • Philipp Roessler bbqing a delicious tout

    Summertime BBQ

    Now this is a special one for us. Our love for detail and quality also carries out into the food and cooking "arena". The acquirement of the "Weber gas grill 100" was a logical step that meant a lot to us. A lot of meat, to be more precise! After 2 weeks of extensive every day barbecue testings (at least two to three daily tests), we had the most awesome barbecue spree ever! Luckily and surprisingly enough, nobody ended up in the hospital, but we may have cut it a bit close… ;)

  • Philipp Roessler bbqing a delicious tout

    Awards! Awards! Awards!

    It is the 6th of June and we are attending the "Deutsche Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation" (German Award for Business Communication) ceremony in our beautiful city of Berlin. In great anticipation we rewarded ourselves some prosecco for our nomination with the We Care App for Deutsche Telekom. Long story short, we won! … obviously! ;) So we sent the keen competition of Deutsche Bank into the digital insignificance. Sorry guys ;) with respect, good job.

  • Marc – The Brain – Schütz

    Hello Marc

    Marc really deserves his nickname. You can wake him up at 4 in the morning and ask him to program a robot that juggles bananas… and he will! While telling you "interesting" inside tips about ransack filters and gaussian blur relators ;) Marc "the brain" kicks serious ass and he really defined the "Super" in our "Super Mario Team". Of course he also extends the team in a great way personally. Respect! High five! Welcome to the team, homie!

  • Telekom We Care app icon

    Telekom We Care

    Finally! This project truly is the swiss army knife in our portfolio! No other project showcases the range of what we can do, as impressively as Telekom We Care. From concept to programming, from scribble to pixel, from interface design to 3D & motion, from Android to iOS, from smartphone to tablet, from thought to (multi)touch! We are so proud to finally launch this heck of an app after seven intense months and a load of work in may 2012. Our baby is born!

  • Sparda-Bank logo

    Let’s go Sparda

    Our 2011 xmas special was an interactive pleasure to such an extent, it actually became the gateway to the beginning of a great coworkingship, for which we are very happy about. The German bank totally trusts in our creativity and passion to create valuable content that sells their brand and products. Special thanks to Markus and Sven at Sparda, whom we value not only as a great client but also as great friends. We are looking forward to a great partnership in 2013!

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