Responsible entity

The responsible party for data collection is the above-mentioned website operator. For data protection questions, please contact:

How data is collected

On the one hand, data is generated by the mere use of the website. This includes information that is transmitted for technical reasons or otherwise results from the communication procedure, such as IP address, time, request URL, encryption method, as well as information that your web browser may automatically send to the server without our intervention, e.g. the browser version or the desired language.
On the other hand, we process data that you send us directly, e.g. by writing emails or using the contact form.

Purpose of data use

The data generated when using the website is used exclusively for the function of the website and is not normally stored. We reserve the right to temporarily store data for troubleshooting purposes. If you contact us directly, we will use your contact data to process your request. Data collected during newsletter registration is used exclusively for sending the same.

What rights do you have

Within the framework of the relevant laws, you have the right to request information free of charge about the origin, recipient and purpose of your stored personal data, as well as correction, blocking or deletion if necessary, to request your personal data yourself and to revoke any consent given for data processing in the future.
To do so, you may contact us at the address given above. In addition, you may complain to the competent supervisory authority. Since we are located in Berlin, this is the Data Protection Commissioner of the State of Berlin.

Contact form

Messages that you send us via the contact form are sent to us by email. We use this data exclusively for processing your request.